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Custom for weddings in Spain

Whether you’re planning your individual major evening or simply interested in learning more about bridal traditions in spain, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of the most common wedding traditions in Spain that are sure to add some extra heat and elegance to your special day!

Traditionally, Spanish brides do n’t have any bridesmaids or groomsmen. Rather, the groom’s mother escorts him down the aisle and finally sits or stands next to the wife throughout the ceremony. This embodies the sturdy family relationship that is so crucial to tradition.


The wedding can wear a dark velvet dress in traditional ways as well. The bride’s vow to her husband that she will be honest to him until the day’s end draws a wink to her Catholic lineage. Now, several brides choose to wear a bright costume to be more contemporary or stand out from the crowd.

The ring trade is another gorgeous Spanish custom. Just like in the United States, the couple transfers their bracelets before they say their commitments and reaffirm their responsibility to each other. The distinction is that in Spain, the wedding ring is worn on the straight palm while American brides keep their wedding ring on the left.

Another fascinating and wonderful wedding tradition in spain is that the groom donations his wife 13 cash, known as somme(unity coins). Encontrar una Esposa these are kept in an beautiful package and serve to remind the wedding of her groom’s devotion to worry for her and their upcoming collectively.

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