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One may spend a lot of time thinking about decorating their exteriors but forget about the interior decoration which needs to be done prior to exterior décor of home thus Home Decoration using hand made crafts can give your home a new look and make it unique from others and moreover it gives livelihood to our artisans.converse shoes for women price pohovka sugar modro sviečky dsl router tp link ps4 4k games جهاز تسجيل الصوت صغير جدا chanel diamond rhinestone necklace reebok x future merrell tremblant mid polar wtpf dame merrell oak sms gps location trička chewbacca adidas sport running hunter gummistøvler børn størrelsesguide deadpool 2 full movie hd hundehus stor hund

HOME is the mirror reflection of our personality

The way we keep our homes show the world who exactly we are and what it matters to us. Our home decor certainly affects our physical and mental well-being so it should be the coziest place. As our homes are also a gathering place for our families, friends, and loved ones. There is one saying on it by an unknown writer

 “…for many poeple, their home is part of their self-definition, which is why we do things like decorate our houses and take care of our lawns. These large patches of vegetation serve little real purpose, but they are part of a public face people put on, displaying their home as an extension of themselves.”

1 -You Spend a major portion of day time at your home :

Home is where you sleep in peace and let dreams flow through your head and also you spend a major part of your lifetime at your home so “Home décor” is must.

We must surround ourselves with things that we enjoy or things that we like as with everything in your homes you have memory attached to it. 

The place we live and work in, have a major impact on us and we need to develop and manage them in tune with more responsible use of the world’s natural resources.

2 –Every Home Tells different Stories :

Each and every corner of home has a different story to tell so whenever you go into another person’s home you can get to know so much about that person’s personality by their home décor and lifestyle. A person’s home will tell the stories of their lives. Walls of your home displays a very long history of behaviours and choices you made .

3 –Home Reflects Who Exactly You Are :

The design of your home can be an expression of yourself and build a through the color’s and styles that you choose. Our homes are our havens, so when it comes down to it, they should reflect the people who live in them.

4 – Mood depends on our Home Décor :

There are practically psychological effects that can occur from the decor in your home spaces.  But, it’s not just about workspaces— decor has an effect on happiness, attitudes, and even your temperature in a given space.

Feng Shui principles says that decorating the outdoors in your home will put you in a permanent good mood, optimize your health, and overall improve your life.

5- Our Nourishment depends on Home Décor :

 To be the best version of yourself you should make your surrounding environment as lively as possible so you can enjoy your living. Home décor decides the kind of nourishment we are providing to our mind and soul.

6 – Working efficiency of a person depends on how Decorated the surrounding is :

 On this pandemic many peoples decide upon earn a living from home so it’s  necessary to decorate your  home in a way ,it inspire you for working instead of laziness. For this reason you may add a running horse frame or mosaic for your wall. It is also necessary for the persons too who come back to their homes after very long woking day… as we come home to feel cozy, secure and delighted .

7 – People’s Health and Wealth Depends on its home décor:

As per my belief your house decor definitely affects your universal health and well-being. The decor in your home should be like it should constantly motivate you to bring out the best version of yourself.. I’m a wonderful believer that your home decor will affect your fitness and wealth. As per Vaastu-shastra  Light is vital part of home decor. If i am in a darkish room, it’s far plenty less complicated for me to sleep in, and definitely, it won’t encourage me to workout or do those things which need to be done to be healthy.

8 –Home Decor Should Be like one should feel Comfortable:

 The concept of home is constructed differently by different languages; dwellings are built and lived in very differently by diverse groups; and many individuals have negative or mixed emotions in regard to their experiences of home life. To embrace all of the nuances of meaning, outlook, lifestyle, and feeling that attach to home is a daunting task, but it greatly enriches our perspective on the world.

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